How to Make a Community Post on YouTube to Engage Subscribers

YouTube Community Post

YouTube Community Post

YouTube community post is one of the tools, allowing the creators to interact with the audience in a lot of different ways over media. For example, you can create a video, polls, gif picture, text or an image. They burst the engagement and allow to interact with subscribers directly, so the channel gets more organic traffic and better statistics in the end.

When the channel reaches 1000 subscribers community posts become available, but the tab appears in a week.

The community post can be created on the desktop and on the mobile devices as well.

How to make a Community post on YouTube

Community posts make YouTube closer to social media as far one can create posts and so on to engage the community. As it was mentioned, you can create posts on the desktop.

First, sign up to your YouTube channel.

Find the Community tab and click it so you will see the field for posting, which looks much alike FB any other social media. There are icons for polls and images, as well as for mentioning other people.

You can also add video using a little menu in the top right corner, so when you click you return back to the previous area.

For mobile app the steps are pretty much the same.

Sign up to your account.

Find the community tab and tap it

Tap “Create Post” and follow the instructions. The interface is user-friendly and copies the pattern of most social media.

When you added the content(picture or even your own video) you can add some text.

Your subscribers will see the posts in the feed when they tap “Community”

So as soon as you reach 10 00 subscribers do not hesitate to use this feature and see the impact.

Best Practices of Community Post

Community posts allow creators to get more traffic on the channel and interact with the audience, making YouTube a powerful social media platform. Here we will look through the best practices and tips.

Use Polls

Polls are the most powerful tool if we are tailing about the audience engagement on your channel and Community tab has this feature.

On your Community tab find the poll icon in the bottom left corner and simply start adding options. When it’s done simply click “Post”.

Try Promotions

You can use promotions and collaborating with other YouTubers, mentioning them in your posts or by sharing the links to their videos. The Community tab features allow to do it the same way you used to in another social media just adding @ sign, so there will be a link to the ones you are working with.

Use GIF’s and Memes

Mems and Gifs are the flesh and blood of social media as far people tend to react on them better. Use them to increase the engagement but try to pick actual ones. The steps here are the same as with casual images. Just tap the image icon and pick the one to download. Please note that the memes and gifs should be of the appropriate kind as far YouTube has its own restrictions for the content.

Host a Question

Questions are a good tool to work with the audience. They look more personalized and natural than the polls and work extremely well if you are developing your personal brand on the channel.

Just go to the Community tab and post a question as it is in the corresponding field.

If you have an active audience core, they will provide you with the answers in minutes. In a way this strategy is close to the casual collecting comments and answering the questions under the videos or polls. But using “natural” questions one gets detailed answers as far the number of options in the polls is limited.

Post Information on the channel

As far Community tab makes YouTube closer to the social media you can use it not for promoting but for better interaction with the audience and forming the core. One of the ways to achieve it is to post content interesting for the users just as you do in FB or Instagram.

Promote Your Video

You can use your Community tab to promote your own video. YouTube allows to do it, so you can increase the engagement in the channel and get more views on the content you need. Place the link or a teaser and enjoy the impact.

So as soon as you get 1000 subscribers wait one week and start using all the tools the Community tab provides to make your channel popular. 




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