10 Twitter Hacks You Should Know About

Twitter Hacks for Your Posts

Twitter Hacks for Your Posts

Twitter is one of the most popular social media. If you have recently started a Twitter account, then you will have benefit from tips from experienced users. 

That will help you do everything correctly.

We believe that there are not many good tips on how best to run Twitter. Therefore, we asked our subscribers to share tips that have been tested in practice. 

Here is a selection of the best tips for using Twitter.

Use Images for More Characters

On the night of September 27, Twitter changed the limit from 140 to 280 characters for the first time in history. 

Despite the fact that the update is being tested on a small group of users, many have already disliked it. First it was a free trial, not it’s fully functional.

At first, unusual messages of 280 characters appeared in the official Twitter blog (“can’t put a tweet in 140 characters?”) and on the page of co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Now Twitter automatically turns a link of any length into a link with a length of 23 characters. An attached picture, according to the Twitter support service, is also considered a link.

Twitter Characters

Here’s another colorful example of what Twitter messages looked like with 140 characters and 280 characters. Visually, the changes are very significant.

Twitter Characters

If you need more that 280 characters – just use images with text as on example below:

Pin a Tweet to the Top

Relatively recently, it became possible to pin tweets on Twitter. Analytic point that this option is quite questionable. If you have created a beautiful ad post, or want information about your services not to slide down when adding new posts, you will need to pin the tweet to Twitter.

  • On the first page of your profile, find the tweet you want to pin
  • At the bottom right, tap the three dots icon
  • You will see the menu area. To pin a tweet, select the appropriate item
  • Pin a tweet to your feed 

Now your tweet will be at the beginning of the feed, regardless of how many more posts you want to make. 

This is very convenient, because this tool allows you to track how up-to-date information you have made for subscribers, how many retweets and likes you can collect.

In the same way, you can pin images or videos you’ve taken to the beginning of the feed. However, the pin function does not apply to those tweets that you reposted on your page.

Know About the Best Time to Tweet

The success of the material posted on social networks depends largely on the time of publication – different audiences have different preferences, daily routines, work schedules, and so on. 

There is no exact answer to the question of when it is better to post in certain social networks. But there are numerous resources that help you come to finding the right time for you and your goals.

Since Twitter is a continuous stream of information, choosing the right time to post a post here may seem like a high art. The half-life of a single tweet is 24 minutes – 4 times less than a Facebook post – so your window of opportunity is very narrow.

Use Audiense (formerly called SocialBro) and AutoSchedule from Hootsuite, which “selects the time depending on when your tweets worked best. You can schedule them both from the control panel and from the Hootlet browser extension”, as says an official help function.

Try Theme Color


To change the design of the background and theme you need to do the following:

  1. Log in
  2. In the drop-down menu, select “Settings”
  3. Select “Design” from the menu on the left in the sidebar
  4. Select a standard image or upload a prepared background image
  5. Select the background color, theme color
  6. Save the changes

Change Your Feed to Chronological

Twitter users will now be able to view the tweet feed as before, in chronological order. To do this, it will be enough to remove the check mark in the settings.

To do this, you need to go to settings and uncheck “Show best tweets”. When the algorithmic feed is disabled, the service will no longer show the “you might have missed” selection. In the near future, the company plans to add the ability to quickly switch between two news feeds.

Twitter started introducing an algorithmic feed in 2016. At first, the service only showed some tweets in non-chronological order, but gradually the feature expanded to the entire feed.

Use Bookmarks

Twitter has launched a new “Bookmarks” feature, which has been tested since 2017. Users have long dreamed of a feature that allows you to save content to read or view it later. 

Twitter is literally flooded with news publications that contain links to long articles in various publications, and there is not always time to read them.

To use the new feature, click on the new “share” button that appears to the right of the heart- shaped button. You will see a menu of options, including those that allow you to send a tweet or save it in Bookmarks.

You can view saved posts by clicking on your profile photo and selecting the appropriate section in the menu that opens. So use it when you view a photos.

Look at Twitter’s Dark Mode

Twitter for Android received a new theme called Lights Out, which appeared in the web version of the service back in July. In contrast to the night mode, which was before, it uses a black color for decoration, rather than blue-gray. This allows you to save charge on smartphones with OLED displays (and it really works).

Track Your Competitors

Twitter followers are not just an indicator of prestige, and their number is not just numbers. They make a real difference to your business. 36% of entrepreneurs claim that they already get customers using Twitter. 

Subscribe to as many people as possible. Research shows a relationship between the number of people you subscribe to and who subscribe to you.

Advanced Twitter Search

The “from:” operator allows you to find all tweets posted by a specific user. After the colon you need to use advanced search, specify the username of this user. For example, when you request from: elonmusk, we get only those tweets that Elon Musk wrote from his account (here elonmusk is the businessman’s username). And for the “Falcon from:elonmusk” request, we will only get those tweets from Musk that mention the Falcon rocket.

The “to:” operator allows you to display all tweets addressed to a specific user. For example, “to:elonmusk” will show all messages addressed to Elon Musk. The combination of the “from:” and “to:” operators allows you to see all the tweets that one user addressed to another.

Schedule Tweets

Despite the fact that third-party Twitter clients allow you to create deferred entries, this feature has not yet been available in the service itself. From October 14, all users of the Ad Products service will be able to assign a specific response an exact date and time of publication up to a minute. However, you can only schedule entries for a year in advance.

Specifically for organizing the publication schedule, Twitter has introduced a tab called “Creative”, where you can view all scheduled posts and create a new one.



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